Global SAI Paring Knife - 9 cm (SH)

C$ 165.00
SKU: iSAI-F01 (SH)

The Global Sai Paring Knife – 9 cm helps you cut, slice, pair and peel fruits and vegetables with ease. The small but solid handle along with a thin blade makes precision cutting of fruits and veggies simple. If you are looking for a knife that helps you with detailed tasks such as hulling strawberries, cutting pastry dough or segmenting citrus, then this knife is for you. Designed by Komin Yamada, the Global Sai knives are extremely popular among chefs and home cooks alike. The designer drew inspiration for his knives from the fearless Samurai warriors and the seven dots in all Global Sai knives represent the seven principles of virtue of the Samurai warriors. The knife is designed with the hollow handle technology. The hollow handle is filled with the right amount of sand to maintain precision and balance. The all-steel and seamless transition from the blade to the handle ensures that dirt easily washes away from the knife. The handle features a dimpled thumb rest that gives you proper grip and safety. The handle is designed in a way to reduce fatigue even after longer use.

Made of the finest stainless steel, the paring knife has a triple-blade construction. This means that the outer soft layer is constructed with SUS-410 corrosion-resistant steel and the inner core is made up of Cromova 18 stainless steel hardened to Rockwell 56-58 that maintains the edge of the blade. The smooth finish blade ensures that delicate tasks such as de-veining shrimp can now be done without a trouble. If you are planning to cut smooth skinned produce such as peppers, citrus rind or tomatoes, then the paring knife from Global Sai is your best companion. The fine edge blade of the paring knife is resistant to chipping, staining and rusting. The handcrafted Global Sai Paring Knife – 9 cm gives you a superb cutting performance at all times.

Key Features of the Global Sai Paring Knife - 9 cm:

  • Three- Layered Superior Stainless Steel Blade: provides an extreme sharp edge for precision cutting
  • Central Layer Cromova 18 Stainless Steel: for better core quality and longevity
  • Outer Layers Soft SUS410 Stainless Steel: keeps the blade from cracking and chipping
  • Ergonomically Designed Handle: provides superior grip and safety

Technical Specifications

  • Blade Length: 9 cm
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Country of Origin: Japan
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