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If you want a knife capable of making paper-thin slices with ease, the Global G-11 Yanagi Sashimi Knife is a nearly flawless addition to Global’s extensive line of Japanese knives for pro cooks. A great sashimi knife has to be extremely thin and incredibly sharp, so that it can flex naturally and glide effortlessly through cuts of fish without creating a rough surface texture.

Sashimi knives, or Yanagi as they are known in Japan, have quite different design specifications from any other type of kitchen knife. Thinness is extremely important here, and the knives must be long enough to make a complete cut in one fluid motion. Additionally, the blade must not be sticky so that the meat can remain undisturbed on its surface after the cut, and they are ground from only one side to create a razor sharp edge for cuts in just one direction. Because of this, The G-11 Yanagi Sashimi Knife is designed to be held in the right hand.

Global understands how to build a great knife, and the materials they choose are just as important as the design. Every Global knife is made from molybdenum vanadium stainless steel with a long, sharp taper to the blade, ice-tempered to preserve the inherent strength of steel. These are knives which will resist corrosion and rust, and even though they are thinner than most other knives they will remain sharper for longer thanks to the special care given to creating a very strong blade.

The handle of this knife is hollow, which allows the knife to stay balanced with the very thin blade. As a counter-weight while the knife is in use, there is also a precise measure of sand which has been added inside of the handle itself, and as you cut this sand will shift and keep the knife balanced.

The Global G-11 Sashimi Knife features:

  • Razor sharp
  • Stays sharper longer
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Stainless steel seamless construction
  • Sure-grip handles


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