Shun 3 Piece Whetstone Sharpening System with Honing Steel

C$ 119.95
SKU: iDM0610

Whether you are a novice or a pro knife user, you will definitely like the sharp cutting edge that the Shun 3 Piece Whetstone Sharpening System with Honing Steel lets you have. The 3 piece set includes a slanting bamboo stand, honing steel and a 1000/6000-grit combination whetstone. Angled at 16 degrees, the bamboo stand enables you to get that perfect angle during the knife sharpening process. The attractive stand fits in the honing steel and whetstone to make an eye-pleasing presentation on your kitchen countertop. The dual-grit whetstone has a 1000 grit sanding block on one side for sharpening while the other side has a 6000 grit for perfecting and polishing the blade’s edge. While you cannot frequently sharpen the knife’s edge if you want it to stay durable, you can definitely maintain the blade and that’s precisely what the included honing steel will help you do. Positioned sturdily on the bamboo stand, it allows you to hold the knife using both your hands during the honing process. If you want, you could also use the honing steel without the stand. 

If you always thought that sharpening was a complicated job, this super-efficient sharpening system will make you think again. The combination whetstone is a double-sided Japanese waterstone. Make sure you soak the whetstone properly in water before using it to sharpen the edge. Shun uses fine quality materials to produce its products and this three piece sharpening system with honing steel is no exception. Epitomizing quality and durability, this 3 piece whetstone sharpening system will endure years of use to keep your favorite cutlery nice and sharp. Cleaning this sharpening system is a breeze. All you must do is wipe the items with a damp cloth individually after use and they will stay good for the next use. Maintain your knife blades razor sharp in order to achieve your chopping and cutting tasks with precision using the Shun 3 Piece Whetstone Sharpening System with Honing Steel.

Key Features of the Shun 3 Piece Whetstone Sharpening System with Honing Steel:

Premium Quality Materials: withstand years of regular use
3 Piece Set: designed to give a sharp edge to your knives
Slanting Bamboo Stand: lets you keep your knife at a proper angle by keeping the blade flat and parallel to the working surface
Honing Steel Included: lets you maintain the edge for a longer period of time 
1000/6000-Grit Combination Whetstone: is a powerful double-sided Japanese whetstone and helps you re-sharpen the blades
Ease of Cleaning: wipes clean with a damp cloth

Technical Specifications

  • 3 Piece Whetstone Sharpening System
  • Material: Steel, stone and bamboo
    • Set Includes: 
    • Honing Steel
    • 1000/6000 grit whetstone
    • Bamboo stand
    • Bamboo Stand Angle: 16 degree
  • Cleaning: Wipe clean
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