Victorinox 1lb Restaurant Grade Fibrox Meat Cleaver

C$ 70.00
SKU: i40590

When your kitchen food prep needs some muscle behind the blade, that is when you need the Victorinox 1LB Restaurant Grade Fibrox Meat Cleaver. At a hefty 1 pound, this professional chopper will easily swing its way through bone, cartilage and thick meats to separate and prepare them for cooking.  The chisel-like, rounded edge of this cleaver allow it to slice through meat with greater ease.  Its Fibrox handle allows for a lighter, sure grip that gives you confidence with each chop while being NSF food safe.  This cleaver is 2.5" wide so it has enough width to get through whatever you put it to task on. Victorinox crafts this cleaver with balance so you can be sure that you get all the way through your meat in one blow.  Cleavers come with a specially-designed edge to be able to withstand the force of repeated blows to the knife without shattering or cracking the blade.  This beautifully crafted Victorinix meat cleaver aims to please with fine high carbon stainless steel.  The 7.5 inch blade is long enough to get through your ribs, separate your chicken and break down tough vegetables like winter squashes in no time flat.  

The Fine Quality of A Victorinox

Everyone has heard of the fine quality of a Swiss Army knife. Victorinox, Swiss makers of fine cutlery and the company that expertly crafts the Swiss Army knife, takes all of the stellar reputation of their flagship product, the world-reknown precision of their blade technology and delivers it in all their amazing cutlery products. Loyal customers the world over enjoy the excellent balance and fine quality of the Victorinox line.  Their products are an excellent choice for your gourmet kitchen as well as a worthy instrument to use professionally in a restaurant setting.  With over a century to grow, Victorinox has set itself apart as a premier choice in cutlery.

A Company to Count On

Your restaurant grade Fibrox meat cleaver also comes with Victorinox's amazing warranty.  For as long as you own your cleaver, it is protected from breakage due to manufacturer defect.  Just mail your cleaver to Victorinox and they will repair or replace your cleaver at not cost, you just pay for shipping.  Even if your cleaver is damaged for other reasons, you can count on Victorinox to expertly repair your cleaver so it will always be available for you to use for years to come.  They stand behind their products and your future use of them.  

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