Victorinox 8 Inch Straight Edge Chef's Knife

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SKU: i40520

Victorinox brings you their beautiful 8-inch blade chef's knife.  This company has been crafting world-renowned knives since 1884 and they are proud to bring their kitchen knife series to cooking enthusiasts everywhere with their outstanding high-carbon blade in stainless steel.  As always, this chef's knife is hand-finished by Victorinox's skilled, fine craftsmen.  Their own exemplary tempering process creates an ability for the knife to have a razor-sharp edge but can be resharpened again and again for years of cooking enjoyment.  You will never again need to worry about this knife becoming too dull to restore to it's original edge.  It will be able to be sharpened for as long as you own your knife.  

The Multi-Function Blade

The Victorinox 8-inch blade comes with a sturdy, easy-to-grip 2-inch handle so you can hold on tight to your knife for more precision cutting.  It is made with patented Fibrox that is textured for better handling so there is less instances of it slipping from your grasp.  The handle is ergonomically shaped for your superior comfort so long jobs won't cramp your hands.  You can chop vegetables and herbs with fine precision, mince garlic with ease and also slice tomatoes like they were butter.  Dicing is no hard task for the Victrinox 8-inch Chef's knife.  It is a favorite among cooking enthusiasts who have given this knife a shot at what it can do in the kitchen to make cooking lighter work.  

The Fine Quality 

Made by some of the finest craftsmen in Switzerland, High-carbon means means you have a stronger stainless steel that will resist bending but also yields easily to sharpening so your knife will not be rendered useless after a few times of retooling.  High-carbon blades are also known to retain their edge so you won't have to worry about chips that can become worse over time and start to effect the usability of your knife.  The conical ground of this knife is lengthwise, as well as crosswise so there is less resistance while you cut those tomatoes, and they won't get squashed when you try and run your blade through them.  The laser testing of this knife makes for premium cutting force and less instances of blade breakage.  As always, Victorinox comes with a lifetime warranty.   For as long as you own your Victorinox knife, it is protected from loss due to manufacturer defect and breakage from normal use.  

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