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Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats

Are you in need of an anti-fatigue mat for your kitchen, to provide cushioning and traction for the people working there?  Look no further than Cilantro The Cooks Shop!  Our anti-fatigue mats are of the highest quality and are industry-standard, so you can be confident about where you put your feet. The WellnessMat anti-fatigue kitchen mat comes in multiple sizes and colours, it is ergonomic and comfortable, yet safe and secure.  Its design reduces fatigue while improving circulation, and it sticks to the floor to avoid tripping.  It is resistant to wear and tear, and comes with a seven year warranty.

If you are ready to purchase, please be sure to read all of the information in the product description to be sure to choose an anti-fatigue mat that suits you best.  If you have any questions about the anti-fatigue mats that we have to offer, don’t hesitate to contact us at our toll-free number: 1-888-617-3418, to speak with one of our skilled sales staff.  If you would like some advice on what the various anti-fatigue mats available, please remember to Google anti-fatigue mat reviews to see what others have to say about similar products.

Don’t forget that we offer free shipping on all purchases within Canada and the Continental USA on orders that are $100.00 or more! Browse our selection of anti-fatigue mats now by selecting an item or searching our online store for an item to see what options we have to offer.


Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats

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WellnessMats Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats 6 inches x 2 inches, Black
Engineered using only the most high quality construction materials and technologies available, there..
C$279.95 CAD
WellnessMats Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats 6 x 2 ft Tan
The choice of service industry professionals for years and years now, moments after using your new W..
C$279.95 CAD
WellnessMats Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats 6\' x 2\' Brown
There’s a real reason why almost all commercial kitchens around the world have some type of floor co..
C$279.95 CAD
WellnessMats Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats 6\' x 2\' Gray Bella
When you are looking for the perfect floormat for your kitchen (either in a commercial set up or jus..
C$279.95 CAD
As far as outfitting your kitchen goes, the odds are fantastic that you’ve spent a considerable amou..
C$279.95 CAD
Created from the ground up with the advice of professional chefs, service industry experts, medical ..
C$279.95 CAD
WellnessMats Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats 6\\\' x 2\\\' Burgundy
Created with an advanced polymer construction material, WellnessMats are ridiculously durable and ye..
C$279.95 CAD

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