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Pasta Machines & Tools

If it’s pasta machines & tools you need, you can end your search now!  Cilantro The Cooks Shop has everything you need for preparing your homemade noodles. We carry Marcato pasta machines & tools, a name that you know means quality.

Use the Marcato Atlas Pasta Bike to make cutting lengths of pasta easy.  Made in Italy of durable and easy-to-clean polycarbonate, this pasta bike has nine fluted cutters to allow you to cut 8 strips of dough simultaneously, plus you can remove some of the cutters to make wider strips.  It is also great for cookie and pastry dough.  These wonderful pasta bikes come in red, blue, and yellow.  (There is a typo in the first instance of the word “length” in the description for the blue pasta bike on the webpage; just thought you may want to know)

If you’ve ever dreamed of making your own homemade pastas, the Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine is exactly what you’ve been looking for.  Made of chrome-plated steel, this durable product comes with a very strong counter clamp, to ensure that there is no slippage while making your pasta.  Good for thicknesses from 0.3mm up to 2.5mm, you can create nearly any pasta thickness you may need.  Comes with many pasta recipes for use with the machine.

As you decide on pasta machines & tools, we ask you to please read the product descriptions, to ensure that the pasta machines & tools that you choose will suit your specific needs. Should you have any questions or concerns about the pasta machines and tools we offer at Cilantro The Cooks Shop, please feel free to call us, toll-free, at:  1-888-617-3418, to speak with one of our knowledgeable sales staff.  If you require some additional information with which to make a pasta machine & tool decision, please don’t hesitate to Google pasta machine reviews or pasta tool reviews to see what others have to say about the various pasta machines & tools that we carry at Cilantro The Cooks Shop.

Don’t forget that we offer free shipping on all purchases within Canada and the Continental USA on orders that are $100.00 or more! Browse our selection of pasta machines & tools now by selecting an item or searching our online store for an item to see what options Cilantro The Cooks Shop has for you.

Pasta Machines & Tools

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Marcato Atlas Blue Pasta Bike
The Marcato Atlas Blue Pasta Bike makes cutting lengths of pasta easy.Features:Nine ..
C$40.00 CAD
Marcato Atlas Pasta Bike, Red
The Marcato Pasta Bike, Red features:Made by the Marcato family in Italy Pasta bike ha..
C$28.00 CAD
Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine
This pasta maker is made of chrome plated steel to provide you with a strong, durable product that w..
C$109.95 CAD
Marcato Atlas Spaghetti Attachment
Made by the Marcato family in Italy Roll out perfect spaghetti pasta Create homemade pasta in..
C$53.90 CAD
Marcato Atlas Yellow Pasta Bike
Made by the Marcato family in Italy, the Marcato Atlas Yellow Pasta Bike is a very useful tool in th..
C$28.00 CAD
Nuance Denmark Pasta Server
The Nuance Denmark Pasta Server is a fashionably designed pasta spoon featuring the same ergonomic d..
C$19.95 CAD
Risoli Ravioli Maker 36 Cup with Rolling Pin
The Risoli Ravioli Maker 36 Cup with Rolling Pin features:This 36 cup ravioli maker makes sm..
C$23.00 CAD

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