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Peugeot Special Edition 6 inch Fidji Salt Mill in Matte Fig Finish

Peugeot Special Edition 6 inch Fidji Salt Mill in Matte Fig Finish

The Peugeot Special Edition 6 inch Fidji Salt Mill in Matte Fig Finish features:

  • Special Edition 200th Birthday 6 inch Fidji Salt Mill in Matte Fig finish
  • Salt crushing mechanism is made of high quality specially treated stainless steel
  • Mechanism materials and design resists corrosion from dry salts and minimizes wear
  • Classic grind adjustment: turn the top knob tighter (clockwise) for finer grinds; looser (counter-clockwise) for coarser grinds
  • Made in France of select French Beech wood
The Peugeot Burr Grinding Mechanism
There's nothing like fresh ground pepper sprinkled on your food. It has a flavor and an aroma that just can't be matched with pre-ground pepper. But sometimes the inconvenience of having to grind pepper wins out, and people reach for the shaker. With a quality pepper mill like the models from Peugeot, enjoying fresh ground pepper can be quick and easy.
Peugeot has been making quality pepper grinders for many years. Their new models of pepper mills still use the same burr system that they originally developed for grinding coffee in 1840. They've had one hundred and sixty years to perfect the burr grinding mechanism into the system that is used in their modern pepper mills.
The burr grinding method works by crushing the peppercorns between two rough surfaces. This process tears the pepper corn, rather than cutting it, and the squeezing action is more effective for releasing the natural oils in the pepper. If more natural oils are released from the peppercorn, that means there will be more flavor and aroma to enjoy.
Made in France, the burr style mechanism is made from hardened steel for maximum performance and longevity. It uses a helix-shaped device to crush the peppercorns against a double row of steel teeth which quickly grinds the peppercorns and gives the pepper a consistent size.
The Peugeot patented system also includes their innovative U'Select system. Available on both their manual and electric grinders, you can vary the size of the ground pepper the mill produces. There are six pre-set levels which the grinder can create, as well as any size in-between that you desire. You just turn the ring on the bottom of the grinder to make your pepper as coarse or as fine as you like. If your recipe calls for coarse grind or fine grind, U'Select has you covered.
Peugeot's pepper mills are specifically designed for grinding pepper. They don't recommend you use it for any other spice as it could be damaged. Peugeot makes seven different grinding mechanisms for seven different spices. Each one is designed for the characteristic of each spice.
The burr style grinding mechanism is designed and proven to give you the best possible performance from your pepper mill and the most flavor for you to enjoy.

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