Laguiole Represents Gourmet Luxury

Are you looking for fine cutlery that suits your gourmet tastes? When you are ready to upgrade from department store knives to something more professional, Laguiole is a brand you can trust. Manufactured by artisans in France, with one slice you will understand why the top chefs around the world and take this brand seriously.

What sets Laguiole apart?

Unlike other types of cutlery on the market today, this brand is well-known for being handmade by top artists. Starting in 1829, the company began making their knives forged from 440 steel. This ensures that the blade does not become rusty and stay strong. The various types of materials used for the handles are highly decorative, and have a unique shape that reflects this brands heritage. However, what keeps this style of cutlery popular is the overall luxurious quality of the pieces themselves. For all of these reasons, Laguiole products have been passed down through the generations as heirlooms.

The Laguiole pocketknife tradition expands

In the beginning, this brand was best known for its knives. Now, in addition to a full range of cutlery for gourmet fine dining, professional-grade kitchen knives and serving silverware, this brand has extended its line to accessories. For example, you can now purchase handmade cigar cutters, several types of cheese knives, butter knives, letter openers and corkscrews. There is also a focus on specialty gourmet-related items particular to French cuisine such as the foie gras server lyre, oyster cutlery, game meat server and cake forks. In other words, if you have been looking for a complete set of cutlery as an ideal gift for a wedding, Laguiole is a brand that offers each piece of silverware you will need.

More than just silverware

Silverware is fairly limited in its presentation because the expensive types are usually limited to embossed metal. On the other hand, this brand varies in the way it looks while still using luxury materials. For instance, precious woods and stone are used to create the handles. The shape of the cutlery and the engraving are also distinct. Now that you understand what makes Laguiole cutlery unique, you will easily understand why it is one of the top brands sold at To get started with the first pieces of your own collection, be sure to browse our special deals and offers now.

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