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Lotus Grills vision to aide culinary enthusiasts to easily cook succulent meats & other food items in tantalizing smoky flavors is possible with its innovative grilling systems. Meticulously engineered grills from the brand are favorite pick to relish an unforgettable delicious lunch with grilled foods outdoors.

Lotus Grill Lid in XL size with grey finish is designed as an additional accessory for XL lotus grills to convert them into a baking oven or a cookware to support low temperature covered barbecue.

With transparent safety glass lid over hood, the brilliant features of the lid are delineated as follows:

  • Designed for covering XL lotus grills to convert them in oven, roast pot or low temperature barbecue as well as to cover food while keeping it safe & warm
  • Usage: Perfect for roasting ribs, baking mini, juicy slow cooked meats & farm fresh vegetables while retaining original aromas and other popular global barbecue recipes with signature ribbed marks
  • Temperature regulation: Integrated thermometer permits temperature adjustment and monitoring for precise cooking
  • Vented slots: Adjustable ventilation slots to release steams
  • Lid design: Contoured heat-resistant knob on lid to lift lid safely
  • Convenient: Contoured heat-resistant body to easily use with children around and flaunts an immaculate & impressive lightweight design to easily carry with lotus grills
  • Maintenance: German patent with dishwasher safe design for easy cleanup routine

Set Contents:

  • 1 piece Glass Lid

Product Details:

  • Material Used: Stainless steel & heat-resistant glass

* Dimensions:

* Weight:

* Warranty & Certification:

Tips for Care & Usage:

  • Marinate meats to create a barrier between meat and the formation of HCAs
  • Flip meats & food items timely on grill for uniform cooking even while covered
  • Trim fats before grilling & use lean meats to prevent flame flare-ups
  • Neatly clean the grill, hood & lid after each use to prevent odor build-up

Shipping Information:

Lotus Grill XL Lid in Grey is neatly packed and shipped in a shockproof corrugated box.

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