LotusGrill XL Smokeless Charcoal Grill Corn Yellow

C$ 440.00
SKU: iG-GE-435

For an exciting barbeque episode in the wild or in your own backyard, the LotusGrill XL Charcoal Grill Corn Yellow is a wise choice. Built to create a smokeless operation, this award winning outdoor grill gets ready in just 3 to 4 minutes to give the best grilling performance you can hope for. With the high quality stainless steel material, the inner grid and inner bowl deliver a performance that you can rely upon for every road trip. The battery-powered built-in fan is a significant feature that dispenses enough air for the charcoal to burn cleanly and quickly. With a highly practical on/off switch, you can adjust heat infinitely so that your grilled creations come out with the right taste and appearance. Courtesy of a larger size, this innovative grill allows an increased combustion time which will keep the party going longer.

The highly portable design is quite favorable as it lets you move the grill to a better place even when it is in use. The outer bowl has a double-layered construction that does not let it absorb heat while operating. This stay-cool outer bowl is very safe in case you have to lift it to change spots or if there are little barbeque lovers hovering around it. For a secured seal, the latches on the side of the outer bowl combine the grill grid, charcoal container, and inner bowl to one closed and safe unit. Adding further safety is this magnificent grill's ability to not allow the grease to drip on the charcoal, thereby avoiding hazardous flare-ups. The dismountable composition allows you to get the best cleaning and maintenance results for all the components. The grill grid and inner bowl are absolutely dishwasher safe for effortless cleaning. The LotusGrill XL Charcoal Grill Corn Yellow is delivered with a color-matched nylon bag, which presents a great way of transporting it to your favorite barbeque hangout.

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