LotusGrill XL Smokeless Charcoal Grill Lime Green

C$ 440.00
SKU: iG-GR-435

With the LotusGrill XL Charcoal Grill Lime Green, your cookouts will never be the same. Winner of multiple awards, this impressive outdoor grill will delight every barbeque lover with its smokeless operation and quick start-up. The superior quality stainless steel that has gone into the making of the inner grid and inner bowl offers advantages like durability, rust-resistance, and an ability to withstand high levels of heat. The battery powered built-in fan facilitates easy, quick and clean burning by supplying the charcoal with enough air. Thanks to a generous size, this highly advanced grill allows an increased combustion time so that the flow of your delectable meal stays on for a long duration. The highly practical on/off switch allows you to adjust the heat infinitely so that all your grilled recipes get the best flavor and appearance.

The powder coated outer bowl features a double layered construction that offers great heat resistance so you can enjoy safe handling. The portability of this practical grill enables you to lift and transport it to a better place even when it is busy cooking. What makes this outdoor grill further safe is its ability to stop the grease from dripping on the charcoal and avoiding unwanted flare ups. With the latches on the side of the outer bowl, it ensures a solid seal by putting the grill grid, charcoal container, and inner bowl together in one closed unit. Thanks to a dismountable design, cleaning and maintaining each separable component is quite convenient and thorough. Put the grill grid and inner bowl in the dishwasher if you want to make quick work of cleaning; they are totally dishwasher safe! Another useful addition to the package is a color-matched nylon bag which packs this grill quite efficiently so that you can carry it along conveniently for car camping, a tailgate party, or wherever the road leads you. The LotusGrill XL Charcoal Grill Lime Green is a quick, safe, and efficient companion for all your outdoor cooking adventures.

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