LotusGrill XL Smokeless Charcoal Grill White

C$ 440.00
SKU: ineednumb-64

Grilling made splendidly easy; the LotusGrill XL Charcoal Grill White is all about convenience and efficiency. With an innovative design that has won many awards, this outdoor grill renders smokeless operation and gets ready to perform in no more than 3 to 4 minutes. The premium stainless steel used for creating the inner grid and inner bowl make for a reliable operation due to its ability to sustain high heat levels for extensive cooking. The battery powered built-in fan supplies the charcoal with the right amount of air for easy, quick, and clean burning each time. Because of a generous diameter, this highly practical grill offers an increased combustion time for a satisfying barbeque. With a useful on/off switch, you will always stay in command of your recipes as it allows you to adjust the heat infinitely.

The powder coated outer bowl is great when it comes to resisting heat absorption while cooking. Courtesy of a portable design, you can lift this grill to move places even when it is working in full swing. An ability to stop the grease from dripping on the charcoal and avoiding dangerous flare ups makes it more convenient. The latches on the side of the outer bowl effectively blend the grill grid, charcoal container, and inner bowl into one closed unit thereby ensuring a secured seal. Not only that, the dismountable composition lets you clean and maintain all components in the best possible way. Pop the grill grid and inner bowl into the dishwasher when you are done grilling and they will be ready for the next use. A color-matched nylon bag is delivered with the package so you can pack the grill conveniently for all your thrilling road trips and picnics. The LotusGrill XL Charcoal Grill White is a must-have for those who love outdoor cooking and grilled foods.

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