Messermeister San Moritz Elite – 7 Pc. Basic Block Set

C$ 350.00
SKU: iE/2000-7S

The Messermeister San Moritz Elite – 7 Pc. Basic Block Set – E/2000-7S is a classic kitchen tool that will cut your meats, your bread, and your vegetables to perfection. This set comes with a 16-slot wood knife block that is convenient and safe to store your knives. The completely one piece forged knives are efficient and comfortable to use. They all come with bolster-less edge making them sturdier. The ergonomic balance helps in handling the knives in your hands. The knives have polished spines, and molded "POM" handles. This set comes with one 16 Slot Wood Knife Block, which is handy to store all your kitchen knives. The block includes slots for thinner and broader knives and a slot for the kitchen scissors as well. This handy block looks classy on your kitchen counter. The set includes six knives.  The 8" Chef’s Knife is an all-purpose kitchen knife that has a slightly curved blade and a pointy tip. The weight and strength of the chef’s knife makes it ideal for chopping and slicing. 

The 6" Utility Knife is a multi-purpose knife that you can use to cut and slice through meats and cheeses. This knife is commonly used as extra knife in the kitchen. The 3 1/2" Paring Knife is the most used knife in a kitchen. This knife is perfect for peeling and coring fruits and vegetables, cutting small objects, slicing, and other hand tasks. The 9" Bread Knife is a serrated knife that is great for cutting whole loafs and sandwich buns. The 10" Steel helps to keep knives sharp with their fine grit steel. Regular use realigns the edges of the knives. The Take-Apart Kitchen Scissors is a perfect tool for opening food packaging, clipping herbs, dicing bacon, skinning chicken, and trimming artichokes. The Messermeister San Moritz Elite – 7 Pc. Basic Block Set – E/2000-7S is a must have tool for your kitchen.

Key Features of the Messermeister San Moritz Elite – 7 Pc. Basic Block Set – E/2000-7S:

  • One Piece, Fully Forged: efficient and comfortable to use
  • Ergonomic Balance: helps while cutting or chopping
  • Polished Spine: adds sophistication and grandeur to the knives
  • Molded "POM" Handle: helps in better grip
  • Extra-wide Chef’s Knife Blade: for sharper and accurate cuts
  • Cambered Chef’s Knife Blade: for precise and narrow cuts
  • Bolster-less Edge: makes the knives more sturdy

Technical Specifications

  • 16 Slot Wood Knife Block (DKB-10SN)
  • 8" Chef’s Knife (E/2686-8)
  • 6" Utility Knife (E/2688-6)
  • 3 1/2" Paring Knife (E/2691-31/2) 
  • 9" Bread Knife (E/2699-9)
  • 10" Steel (5100-10F)
  • Take-Apart Kitchen Scissors (DN-2070)
  • Weight: 7.75 lbs
  • Piece Count: 7
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