Opinel Knives, More Than Just Kitchen Gadgets

For the serious chef and the amateur cook alike, having high quality cooking tools and dependable kitchen utensils is necessary for manageable, effective cooking practices. While all tools are important, one of the most used, most needed is a durable knife or knife set. With a company history and design that dates back 120+ years, Opinel knives are the ultimate kitchen utensil. With the variety available from Cilantro, The Cooks Shop, you’ll be able to find one that’s just right for you (or for the cook in your life).

Featuring a simplistic design, these knives were originally created by Joseph Opinel in 1890 as a knife for the “working man.” Over time, the knives have been developed and refined to meet the needs of any individual. The entire knife line features a series of 12 knives that are numbered consecutively and hold true to the original construction. Boasting just five components: the blade, wooden handle, stainless steel clamping band and pivot pin, and a stainless steel locking collar, Opinel knives are modest but effective.

To meet the needs of a world of chefs, The Cook Shop offers a variety of Opinel knives. From the N7 in Green to the Mushroom Knife and even the Number 10 Corkscrew Knife, the line available from the cook shop has it all. Designed specifically for simplicity, reliability, and efficiency, the Folding N7 is available in a bright lime green, orange, and deep plumb. With a hinged handle, the N7 can easily be stored and maintained. Another common option, the Folding N8 delivers a slightly more classic look with a wooden beech, walnut, or oak handle and stainless steel blade. A perfect complement to a more rustic kitchen, the N8 offers the perfect cutting edge. Promising more specific uses, the Opinel Mushroom Knife and Corkscrew Knife offer an added tool over the others available. Complete with a curved blade and a wild boar silk brush, this knife is perfect for use when harvesting mushrooms. Another two in one combo, the Corkscrew Knife includes a professional quality corkscrew that guarantees flawless cork removal every time.

Whether you are looking for a basic kitchen knife or an upscale combination tool, look no further than the Opinel knives available from The Cooks Shop. More than just kitchen gadgets, these knives quickly become family heirlooms.

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Opinel Bread Knife
Your freshly baked loaves will get the presentation they deserve with the Opinel Bread Knife. If you..
C$45.00 CAD
Opinel Classic Knife Set of 3
When you have the Opinel Classic Knife Set of 3 in your kitchen, there is nothing that can stop you ..
C$120.00 CAD
Opinel Folding N7 Knife Green
High utility and versatile use set apart the Opinel No7 Green Beech Wood Hand Folding Knife from the..
C$27.00 CAD
Opinel Folding N7 Knife Orange
Always be on guard with the Opinel No7 Orange Beech Wood Hand Folding Knife to keep you company. Ele..
C$27.00 CAD
Opinel Folding N7 Knife Plum
Say hello to high-utility and optimum performance with the Opinel No7 Plum Beech Wood Hand Folding K..
C$27.00 CAD
Opinel Folding N7 Knife Sky Blue
Stay prepared to face any day in the kitchen when you have the Opinel No7 Blue Beech Wood Hand Foldi..
C$27.00 CAD
Opinel Folding N8 Beech and Stainless Steel
Opinel is one of France's finest knife manufacturers. The Opinel Folding N°8 Beech and Stainless Ste..
C$31.00 CAD
Opinel Folding N8 Oak and Stainless Steel
Craftsmen, outdoorsmen, and the everyday men and women, all swear by the Opinel No8 Oak Handle Foldi..
C$27.00 CAD
Opinel Folding N8 Olive Wood Knife with Alpine Chic Sheath and Box
Whether you already own a folding knife or not, you don’t want to miss out on the Opinel Olive Wood ..
C$75.00 CAD
Opinel Folding N8 Walnut and Stainless Steel
You cannot go wrong when you have the Opinel No8 Walnut Handle Folding Knife. A must-have tool for t..
C$27.00 CAD
Opinel Intempora Chef Knife No. 218
One knife for countless cutting tasks, the Opinel Intempora Chef Knife No. 218 has got what it takes..
C$75.00 CAD
Opinel Intempora No. 219 Santoku Knife
The Opinel Intempora No. 219 Santoku Knife brings together the versatility of a Chef's knife and the..
C$80.00 CAD
Opinel Intempora No. 220 Carving Knife
The Opinel Intempora No. 220 Carving Knife is great for fine slicing and big carving chores. This re..
C$65.00 CAD
Opinel Mushroom Knife
Whether you are cooking mushrooms on an open fire at a camp or in the comfort of your kitchen, you a..
C$42.00 CAD
Opinel No 8 Olive Wood Handle Folding Knife
Say hello to the high-utility OPINEL No8 Olive Wood Handle Folding Knife. Small enough to be a pocke..
C$80.00 CAD
Opinel Number 10 Corkscrew Knife
The Opinel Corkscrew Folding Knife is a must-carry on all your outdoor activities. This knife boasts..
C$49.00 CAD
Opinel Slim No. 15 Beechwood Handle Folding Knife
The Opinel Slim No. 15 Beechwood Handle Folding Knife is great for on-the-move cooking enthusiasts. ..
C$30.00 CAD
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