Smoked Pepper and Sage Rub 45g

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If you are looking forward to treat your guest or your family, then you must pick up the Epicentre Smoked Pepper and Sage Rub. This delicious seasoning brings a burst of flavor punch to your food. Rub it into pork, turkey, game, stake or potatoes, this coarse-grain seasoning will get your guests licking of your hands for more! The smoked pepper and sage rub has a mild woody smell and is best suited when you are in the mood for slow roasting. The pepper in this blend is infused with real smoke that gives it its rich aroma and fragrance. This mix gives a complex flavor when rubbed into meat that is left to rest overnight. The rub can be mixed into the marinade or applied to the raw meat with the help of a little oil. Get yourself a tin of Epicentre Smoked Pepper and Sage Rub and get ready to create something exotic!

Key Features of the Epicentre Smoked Pepper and Sage Rub:

  • Smokey Pepper Flavor: gives a distinct flavor to your food
  • Salt and Gluten Free: makes it a natural and healthy flavoring substitute
  • Coarse-Grain Seasoning: well suited for slow cooking
  • Best Used For: pork, turkey, game, stake or potatoes

Technical Specifications

  • Shipping weight: 45g
  • Size: 4 oz tin
  • Coarse-grain
  • All Natural
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