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Energy-efficient, absolutely capable, and more than enough to help you entertain, there are a lot of different things to fall in love with when you’re talking about the brand-new Swissmar 8 Person Eiger Raclette. Delivering you the perfect platform to whip up the most delicious dishes with zero headache or hassle whatsoever – allowing each and every one of your eight guests their own little "workspace" to cook on – this is the kind of kitchen technology that you simply cannot ignore when looking to entertain. While there are certainly a number of specific grilling technologies available on the market today, few of them can offer the same kind of benefits that this one can.

Dual-purpose cooktop allows you to stay versatile

While there are a number of different grills out there that provide you all of the necessary workspace to whip up your favorite dishes (even for a party of eight), very few offer you a dual top surface that allows you to instantly switch from grilling to crêpe making – without batting an eyelash. Crafted out of some of the very best enameled cast-iron, this is a sturdy (if somewhat heavy) dual cooktop surface that will provide you with top-of-the-line results for decades and decades to come – all with the very smallest amount of maintenance every single step of the way. Because of the unique cast-iron construction, you’re never going to have to worry about which types of food you place on the dual cooktops. Vegetables, meats, fruits, and crates all will find that the surface is perfect to prepare meals with – and each and every one of your guests will have the necessary space to prepare their own "mini meals".

Integrated raclette system takes things to new levels

The other real exciting part of this platform – the Swissmar 8 Person Eiger Raclette – is how well it integrates the raclette pans. "Hidden" below the dual cooktop surface, each and every one of those raclette pans are made of a nonstick surface as well – making sure that your cheese (or other foodstuffs) will never stick while you are preparing the food.

Cleanup time is a major part of entertaining, but thankfully when you decide to invest in this specific platform you’re never going to have to worry about spending hours and hours doing it. No, cleanup has never been more simple and streamlined when it comes to grilling and cooking for large parties than it is when you use this specific platform – offering you more than a breather from the headache and hassle cleaning up after a party can become.

All in all, if you are looking for the absolute best dual cooktop and raclette party grill on the market today you need look no further than what the Swissmar 8 Person Eiger Raclette brings to the table. Far and away the best of the best (and honestly it’s not even that close of a race with any other competitor), don’t be surprised if you quickly fall in love with this set up.

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