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Sharing a meal together can bring family and friends closer together and the Swiss have once again introduced a unique way of cooking and eating a meal with the Swissmar Red Cast Iron Raclette. This tabletop appliance has dual action cooking abilities that let you grill meats or vegetables while you warm up other items below the grill top.  

What is a Raclette?

A raclette is an appliance allows you to warm up raclette cheese dishes in the small raclette dishes that fit under the grill or griddle top. There are 8 of the raclette dishes, sometimes called coupelles, with spatulas that come with this appliance. However, with the raclette grill top, you can prepare meats and vegetables as well. 

The history of the raclette goes back to medieval times when Swiss cow herders would take raclette cheese with them when they had to move cows into different pastures in the mountains.  At night, they would warm the cheese on stones next to the campfire and then scrape the cheese onto bread to eat.  

The raclette tabletop appliance uses the same concept as it allows raclette cheese to be melted in the raclette dishes either by itself or on boiled potatoes, which is one of the traditional ways of using raclette cheese.  As you do this, you can cook or grill the entree for your meal over the raclette dishes on the griddle or grill top.

Technical Aspects of the Raclette

The Swissmar Red Cast Iron Raclette is an electric appliance using 1200 watts of energy to cook or heat up your food. The variable heat control allows you to turn the appliance down to keep your food warm or increase the temperature to allow you to cook your meal. 

The cast iron top is reversible with a crepe top on one side and a grill top on the other. The crepe top is good for making crepes or pancakes and you can use the grill top to cook hamburgers, fish and vegetables, along with a variety of over foods. The surfaces of the cast iron top and the raclettes are all non-stick, so foods slide right off.

The attractive red Swissmar Raclette will be fun to use for your next get together with friends or your family can come up with fun recipes to make on unique appliances. You can use it for smores or make breakfast on the weekend.


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