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The Swiss have once again found a way to make dinner parties fun with the Swissmar 8 Person Red Classic Raclette Party Grill with Granite Stone. Like the fondue pot before it, the raclette allows you to sit at the table with your guests and prepare your meal together while you talk and enjoy your company. Usually, as the hostess, you are isolated from your guests and have limited time to spend with them as you cook in the kitchen.  

Using the Raclette 

The raclette grill plugs into an outlet and allows you to safely cook food at your table while talking with your friends or family. The base of the appliance heats up so you can use one of the 8 raclette pans in the traditional preparation of raclette cheese dishes or you can create your own use for this pans and the matching spatulas.

Traditionally, raclette cheese was carried by Swiss herders when they had to move their herds in mountain pastures. They would melt the cheese on stones by the fireplace and scrape it onto bread or cooked potatoes for their meal. The raclette cooker takes that tradition a step further by allowing meats and vegetables to be cooked on a surface above the raclette pans.

This raclette has a granite stone surface on which you and your guests can cook meats or vegetables. Each person can cook meat how they like it and use it to also soften or grill their vegetables. You don't have to worry about undercooking or overcooking someone else's meal when you use this party raclette.  

Cooking on Granite Stone

While many electric raclettes come with a cast iron grill and griddle top, this particular one has a granite stone top to cook food on. Granite stone takes longer to heat than cast iron, but it will allow you to cook many of the same food that you can cook on cast iron griddles. The granite stone is great for making pizzas, fajitas, cooking vegetables and thin slices of meat.

Be Inventive with Your Raclette

You can prep a variety of different foods to cook on your raclette and allow your guests to create their own dishes. Cut up meats and vegetables for fajitas or wraps, you can melt chocolate in the raclette pans to use as a dip for fruit or you and your friends can create unique food items with your raclette. 

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