Swissmar Silver Cast Iron Raclette

C$ 140.00
SKU: iKF-77080

The silver finish on this Swissmar Silver Cast Iron Raclette makes it look elegant enough for any table, including a brunch with your friends or a more casual get together for football on Sunday afternoon. It is large enough to provide eight people with a way to fix their own meal while you are gathered at the table enjoying your company instead of stuck in the kitchen cooking.

Not Just for Cheese

While the raclette is named after the Swiss cheese carried by cow herders working in the mountains, you can do more than just melt cheese with it. The personal raclette pans, which come with corresponding heat resistant spatulas, can also be used to warm foods or melt chocolate. This would be a great way to make smores inside with the kids on a rainy afternoon.

The top of the raclette has a reversible top that acts as a griddle or a grill top. On the griddle, you could use it to warm foods like hot dogs or make crepes and pancakes. The grill side has a lip to catch grease that cooks off of meat and the ridges in the grill top will keep the meat elevated to keep it from frying in the grease. It is a great way to warm vegetables as well.

Easy Use and Cleaning

Since the reversible griddle/grill top is made from cast iron, you don't have to invest in plastic cookware to keep from scratching its surface. Though cast iron can take a long time to heat up, when it does finally get hot, it stays warmer for longer than other cooking surfaces.

The non-stick griddle/grill makes clean-up easy as well. Parts of the Swissmar raclette are dishwasher safe, but for those parts that are not, you just have to wash them with warm soapy water. You can air dry your raclette or dry it with a soft cloth and put it away for another get together.

This raclette has a variable temperature setting so you can turn the raclette down to keep your food warm while you and your guests are watching a game or just chatting and catching up. The handles of the raclette stay cool, so you don't need to worry if a child reaches out and grabs a spatula before you can stop them. The raclette is a fun way to share a meal with either friends or family.

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