Swissmar Stelvio Silver Granite Raclette 8P

C$ 130.00
SKU: iKF-77081

Having a dinner party using the Swissmar Silver Granite Raclette is a fun, easy way for you to be able to catch up with your guests and not spend the entire party in the kitchen trying to make sure there is enough food out on the tables. Instead, you can use a couple of the raclettes and set out sliced vegetables, cold cuts, pre-cooked meats like ham or sausages and cheeses to allow your guests to assemble their own meals.

Traditional Raclette Meals

The raclette was inspired by Swiss farmers who had to go into the mountains and move their herds between pastures. When they made the trip, they usually took a round of raclette cheese with them, along with potatoes and bread to eat. They would place the cheese on stones besides the fire and when it was heated, the farmer would scrape the soft cheese onto the cooked potatoes on atop their bread.

The modern day raclette provides the same way too cook, with the base of this appliance being the warmer where you melt cheese by itself or place cooked vegetables or meats and melt cheese over the top of them. Anything that easily melts can be added to these raclette pans as well.

A Modern Twist

Not only does a modern raclette have a base to act as a warmer, but this one was a granite stone that can be used to cook or warm up meats, vegetables or breads. A granite stone takes longer to heat than cast iron, for instance, but it distributes heat better, along for even cooking on the entire surface.

Granite also stays cooler to the touch, so you can have to worry about people getting badly burned if they accidentally touch the surface of the grill. The granite stone is great for having a pizza night with the family and assembling small individual pizzas. You can also use the surface of the stone to heat tortillas for fajitas, to make burritos or to simply use as a bread with your meal.

The Many Uses of a Raclette

The versatility of the Swissmar raclette makes it a great addition to your kitchen. You can use it to make brunch on the table while talking to friends or family and then you can heat up vegetables, cheeses and other items to create healthier snacks for watching movies with your children and their friends.

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