WellnessMats: A Clear Advantage in the Kitchen

We are all on our feet a lot. From doing household chores to traveling around the corridors at work, a large percentage of our days are spent on our feet. Likewise, when it comes to working in the kitchen little can be done from a seated position, which means even more foot, leg, and back strain. Whether you’re a professional chef, a practiced baker, or an at home cook, standing in the kitchen can get tiring. So, to try to meet your needs and alleviate your fatigue in the kitchen, we decided to offer you WellnessMats, which are dynamically designed to relieve your aches and pains and bring the joy back to cooking.


Ergonomic - designed WellnessMats are specifically formatted to meet your body’s needs in terms of foot support and body alignment.

Back Support - Your back functions as a support and stability for your entire body. Being the main center of your body’s stability puts a great deal of strain on the body and can cause stress in the back, resulting in lower back pain and discomfort. WellnessMats are fashioned with a 3/4" support pad and APT technology to reduce stress and fatigue in the lower back particularly. This reduction is achieved as the pad supports the back and reduces spinal compression.

Leg and Hip Support - The legs and hips are also responsible for maintaining the body’s alignment. Much like the back, your legs and hips are subject to high levels of stress and pressure on a daily basis. Offering a buoyant material beneath the legs, WellnessMats support the body and provide for better circulation. This buoyant material provides the legs a small amount of give and movement, which in turn, facilitates the movement and flow of the blood throughout the body.

Foot Support - An additional feature of WellnessMats is the foot support the mats offer. The soft surface of the mat provides a comfortable care for your feet. The buoyant surface alleviates pressure points created by hard surfaces in the feet and ankles, offering a more comfy floor option.

WellnessMats are a clear must have for the kitchen, and is the best place to get this product. Offering our customers the highest quality products at the most affordable prices. Purchase a WellnessMat from us and your feet (and wallet) will be happy.

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