Whole Green Cardamom 30g

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The unique fragrance of cardamom is packed specially for you in our Epicentre Cardamom Green Whole. This wonderful spice tantalizes your senses with a strong yet delicate, sweet yet pungent aroma. Use it as a savory spice in Indian curries. Remove it from the pods or fry it whole to liberate its oils. Either ways you are in for a sweet, spicy and warm flavor that is hard to forget. The people in Middle East use it to flavor their coffee while in some Scandinavian areas it is used as a spice in baking a dessert. Best used in smaller quantities, it is also a preferred condiment while preparing fish stew, meat loaf, sweet potatoes and poached fish. So the next time you set out to prepare a tasty Indian curry, don’t forget to stock up on the Epicentre Cardamom Green Whole.

Key Features of the Epicentre Cardamom Green Whole:

  • Flavor: has a sweet, spicy and warm flavor
  • Used In: preparing fish stew, meat loaf, sweet potatoes and poached fish
  • Salt and Gluten Free: makes it a natural and healthy flavoring substitute

Technical Specifications

  • Shipping weight: 30g
  • Size: 2 oz tin
  • All Natural
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